Space: A field of positions ... Cannot be created or destroyed

Force: Elements of motion... Bits of speed of light/force momentum ... Fixed Elemental Force Mass

Matter: Bits of mass that have no Elemental motion... To move they must be continually pushed by force.

Energy: A quantity of force ... Only measurable as a differential... May be in the form of free Force or Force pushing matter.

Momentum: A quantity of energy/ force/ weight/

Weight: Just a measure of momentum / pressure

Pressure: An amount of force measured as a differential

Work: The action of a Force exchange ... Complete or incomplete

Time: A consequence of the speed of force not being instantaneous. The universe has slowness

Interaction: An event caused by the meeting of force with an opposing velocity direction vector.

Electricity: The migration of force through conductive atoms... Electrons are the force carriers.

Force carrier: An electron or proton being pushed by a force differential... Larger objects can carry that differential.

Magnetism: A polarized pattern of force that can affect, and is produced by polarized objects.

Light: Bits of electron Force that arrive at an atomic surface with a specific pattern/spread and frequency.