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You call me a disgusting coward, yet you sit there and insult me continually for 2 minutes. Hypocrisy personified!

You call me a disgusting coward Yes, and especially in this case. You're attacking a video that isn't being apparently publicly published by the person you're attacking... No evidence the video was persuading or fooling anyone. No fire of stupidity for you to put out... Just a rather pitiful nutcase for you to beat up. , yet you sit there and insult me continually for 2 minutes. LOL two whole Giant minutes... Clearly the substance of the video clearly illustrates the duplicity of you debunking types. There is bad logic and bad science woven through a substantial part of conventional populist physics... Yet because it is your religion you impose no fair scrutiny. Look up the history of the kinetic energy formula the "science" couldn't be more ridiculous. Hypocrisy personified! The accusation is cowardice... I'm offering $2,000 for the opportunity to your prove to your audience that the crap you're spewing and defending isn't any better than the crap you're attacking. I've been offering real money for years and none of your cowering kind has taken up the challenge.

Are there more than three dimensions?
Is time a dimension?

Can anything travel faster than the speed of force?

Is there any real pull in the universe?

Is there any substance besides bits of force and bits of matter?

Isn't weight just mass in motion?
Isn't mass moving just momentum?
Doesn't Force just equal momentum?
Isn't energy just momentum or amount of force or an amount of weight?

Are there any other physical particles of matter besides electrons and protons?

Are photons Bent by gravity?
Are photons bent twice as much as regular matter by gravity?

Is there an electric field?
Is there a magnetic field?
Do charges create fields?

Does cosmic redshift prove space is expanding?

Is the timing of atomic decay invariable?
Is it reasonable to assume it is a unbreakable clock?

Is light a wave or a particle?

Is the small Universe the only universe?

Is space something or nothing?

Does twice the speed mean four times the energy?

Does force = pressure = weight = momentum = energy = work?