DraftPhysics.com $2,000.00 Offer/Challenge
I am offering any science related YouTube channel with more than 500,000 subscribers (more than 50,000 average views per video) a payment of $2,000 to play, and if they wish, critique, any of the videos below on their Channel. If you can convince a qualifying channel to play the video for less money I will pay YOU the difference.

3-12-24 update: For the time being I'm suspending this offer to consider if there are any alternative methods that can be applied to persuade "science authorities" to defend their science against reasonable critique. The simple truth is I have offered just about every popular Science Channel on YouTube a substantial sum to merely acknowledge the existence of my arguments, and none have responded with any reasoning for rejecting the generous offer.

I contend these arguments deserve a fair hearing before a large and well informed audience/jury. Unfortunately science like religion is a protected Dogma that evades scrutiny and exposure. If you have any suggestions regarding how the necessary public debate or trial can be provoked to take place, please send an email with your suggestion. ds@donotgo.com

As I have been unable to find anyone willing to discuss physics subjects out of Simple scientific interest. I am willing to pay someone with some kind of physics education to engage in recorded, hour or so discussions regarding foundational physics subjects. More specifically, I am seeking someone willing to defend the proclamations/conclusions of conventional physics. If interested, please email ds@donotgo.com and include your payment expectations.

Only a partial list of the numerous channels I have directly contacted with offers:

Roe Rogan was offered 3,000... no reply
Veritasium offered $3,000... no reply
Thunderf00t offered $3,000... no reply
Steve Mould offered $3,000... no reply
Physics Girl offered $2,000...no reply
Sean Carroll offered $2,000...no reply
The Action Lab offered $2,000...no reply
Applied Science offered $2,000...no reply
bigclivedotcom offered $2,000...no reply
AlphaPhoenix offered $2,000...no reply
Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky offered $2,000...no reply

Ken Wheeler was offered $2000 and declined.

Other channels I have made offers to without reply:

Stephen Wolfram
Lex Fridman
The Science Asylum
sixty symbols
Joe Scott
Arvin Ash
The Engineering Mindset
Sabine Hossenfelder
flo's study diary
Michel van Biezen

Space: A field of positions ... Cannot be created or destroyed

Force: Elements of motion... Bits of speed of light/force momentum ... Fixed Elemental Force Mass

Matter: Bits of mass that have no Elemental motion... To move they must be continually pushed by force.

Energy: A quantity of force ... Only measurable as a differential... May be in the form of free Force or Force pushing matter.

Momentum: A quantity of energy/ force/ weight/

Weight: Just a measure of momentum / pressure

Pressure: An amount of force measured as a differential

Work: The action of a Force exchange ... Complete or incomplete

Time: A consequence of the speed of force not being instantaneous. The universe has slowness

Interaction: An event caused by the meeting of force with an opposing velocity direction vector.

Electricity: The migration of force through conductive atoms... Electrons are the force carriers.

Force carrier: An electron or proton being pushed by a force differential... Larger objects can carry that differential.

Magnetism: A polarized pattern of force that can affect, and is produced by polarized objects.

Light: Bits of electron Force that arrive at an atomic surface with a specific pattern/spread and frequency.