free will vs bug determinism [6/4/23]

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Draft Science

By its simplest description this website is just one man's brain honestly expressing, and defending, what it has identified the truth to be.

The hope is to make a necessarily useful contribution to human understanding and progress. Unfortunately, what will be practically accomplished will likely fall short of that ambition as this brain neither has the personality, or disposition, to greatly communicate, in the manner necessary, with the greater public.

The foundational concepts that support the philosophy that will be defended here are a belief in the existence of truth, the reality of value, and the necessity to excrete the maximum practical productive potential from our human intelligence as individuals and as a collective. Put simply, this man's brain believes there is little probability of anything good, being built upon, or coming from, a bad/inaccurate definition of reality.

Clearly intelligence functions as a filter that uses logic to condense description out of disorder. As the filter is essentially made out of what it catches, and is only likely to catch that which can be compatablly woven into its fabric, a necessary piece of intelligence, is the intelligence to avoid the fake fabric of misbelief. [to be continued...]


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