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Welcome to, the home page for the philosophy of EFILism, by The prolific Youtube Philosopher, Inmendham. Inmendham, (Also know as DoNotGod) who began producing thousands of videos for the internet in 2007, covers an enormous range of topics including, The Right To Die, education reform, animal rights, democracy, virtual reality, determinism, economics, physics, atheism and Antinatalism/EFILism. Antinatalism, and EFILism more specifically, is the belief that DNA, and the suffering of sentient consciousness on this planet, are the greatest problems in the universe, born of nothing but a wasteful, failed experiment of unintelligent design.

For whatever reason, the universe initiated, we don't know why there's something rather than nothing, but there is. The big bang occurred, and aberrant science ran amok. it was a mixing bowl, a chemistry set gone wild, with all the ingredients leaking into each other, commingling - lots of bad ingredients mixing badly. And then gravity and nuclear forces started tying matter into bigger and bigger pieces, forming stars and planets, and of course with them, Earth. And on Earth, energized atoms formed compounds, and after bouncing around for a few billion years, something happened. The universe, up until this point, was certainly violent, but benign - free of sentient creatures, and therefor free of suffering. But all that changed when the tragedy of abiogenesis occurred, and the first reproducing cell was produced. DNA, our one single ancestor, the seed of sentient print media. And so life arose in many mechanical forms, and eventually, life became conscious, we became sentient. And then, the most pitiless step in our evolution - to arrival of suffering, - The First Ouch. And this was truly, the beginning of ALL problems in the universe.

Life is crude forces in control of precious commodities, and human life is perpetuated only out of the blind, insane desires of our addicted psychologies. Why create need machines, who can never satisfy their desire without imposing unfulfilled desire on to something else? Life is an imposition, and the EFIList believes we should not have the right to create need for no need, and force another generation to play out the same tragic and tired Shakespearean snuff film. We can control exactly how much suffering and death exists on this planet, there is no suffering without sentience, and the best outcome for life on planet earth is extinction, through a collective act of non-procreation.

Throughout recorded time, the general subject of anti-procreation has popped up again and again in many different intensities and iterations, though none ever successfully taking hold of mass culture, or popular consciousness. In the past, there was the wisdom of Silenus, the thoughts of Abul 'Ala Al-Ma'arri, the religious Antinatalism of the Cathars, the famous German Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, Emil Coiran, Peter Wessel Zapffe, and in more modern times, organizations like VHEMT. But for the most part, and most certainly before 2006, Antinatalism was very much solely the possession of philosophy professors, and enthusiasts of obscure intellectual ideas. However, with the arrival of the internet, and particularly within the last 5 years on Youtube, things have greatly changed. Though people like Inmendham had been discussing the topic of anti-procreation on Youtube for many years, the actual term, 'Antinatalism', and by extension, 'Antinatalist', were not yet known, and therefor the subject was rendered into a rather amorphous state, and lacked a sense of identity. But in 2011, with the correct vernacular finally obtained, Antinatalism, though still relatively obscure, received an explosion of interest among the most diverse spectrum of people in it's history, and soon, the Antinatalist community was born. This serge of Antinatalism on the internet, coupled as well with important contemporary works of academy philosophers, such as David Benetar's Better Never To Have Been: The Harm of Coming Into Existence, have paved what appears to be a bright future for the argument in favor of the end game.

Soon after Antinatalism's initial serge in interest however, Inmendham, noticed something fundamentally wrong with the philosophy, in it's then current state. generally, historical Antinatalism was a condemnation of solely human procreation, and was not informed by an understanding of evolution, abiogenesis, the fact that all sentient creatures are the products of a single DNA molecule, or that the worst suffering occurs in nature. And so that same year, EFILism was created.

EFIL is life spelled backwards. Life is Consumption, Reproduction, Addiction & Parasitism. It's C.R.A.P. We, as sentient feeling organisms, are the products of 4 billion years of the holocaust of evolution - it's not a good story, and it's not one worth continuing. EFILism is a conclusion, derived from an essesment of the full summation of the history of the reality of sentient life on Earth. It is the most important responsibility, of the only sentient species intelligent enough, to effectively manufacture a graceful exit strategy for life on planet earth. It is the responsibility of the Efilist, to enter into the battlefield of ideas with the rest of the human race, and try to the best of ones ability, to argue for an understanding of the truth and consequences of our circumstance on this planet. The most precious thing in the entire material universe, is the capacity for a consciousness to generate a sensation of horror and unpleasantness. For that is where all value in the universe is generated - in the consciousness of feeling, sensitive creatures.

Also featured on this site is, The EFIList, a movie by Amanda 'Oldphan' Sukenick who has been a member of the Antinatalist/EFIList community for many years, and though not a philosopher, was inspired to contribute to the furthering of an understanding of Antinatalism and EFILism to a wider audience, through a method of art, activism and humor. Led by the mysterious master of ceremonies known as The Janitor, The EFIList leads the viewer through a narrative of life as Consumption, Reproduction, Addiction and Parasitism, peopled along the way with Frankenstein monsters, nihilists, gladiators, and a host of suffering animals. The EFIList is now complete, and can be viewed above - please see our News section for all movie related news.

For more about Antinatalsm/EFILism, as well as a wider selection of subjects frequently discussed by Inmendham, please also be sure to check out Vloggerdome, a public access, philosophy/variety TV show & collaborative effort between Inmendham & Oldphan. Vloggerdome is, two ideas enter, one idea leaves. There is a truth, and it is accessible. And the truth can be proven by argument and evidence. Vloggerdome seeks to let the truth have it's day. All the truth needs is a fair fight, and the truth will win, and it will be the possession of the future. Argue the argument!:
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